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He's Alive

31 Mar 2023


Media Kit

Whats Included

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  • That


Verse 1

On day six God created man

He gave them rule over the land

He told them “You are free to eat

from every tree except for one in surrender to me”

Verse 2

But man betrayed and felt the shame

Hid from God they lost their way

Changed their fate to a life of sin

That ends in the grave



He’s alive, He’s alive


He’s alive, He’s alive


Verse 3

But God, He chose the cross

He gave Himself, delivered us

So that all who believe in His name

Can live as children of God again

Verse 4

So he died a sacrifice

For the world paid the price

And in three days he rose from death

Now he lives and will come again



Chorus X2

Verse 5

Now all man-kind have been set free

by Jesus Christ, the one true King

This is truth and not a tale

Let us shout the good news to the world 

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